Where Does 4DTHYROID® Offer Clinical Advantages?


1. Ability to review volume data of thyroid lesions after the patient has left the examination room, this allows for further analyzes without requiring additional patient participation.

2. The possibility of rotating the volume dataset so that the anatomic structures can be examined from different perspectives.

3. Improved image resolution to study border and surface definition of benign and malignant thyroid lesion.

4. Assessment of vascularity pattern for thyroid nodules and detailed definition of malignant vascular tree.

5. Volume calculation by 4D ultrasound for thyroid lesions may be more accurate than current volume estimation from 2D measurement.

6. Diagnostic accuracy of thyroid nodule Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) may improve with 4DTHYROID®, due to ability to visualize the FNAB needle from 3 different planes, coronal, longitudinal, and transverse at the same time.

7. Pre-operative staging of malignant thyroid lesion and extend of lymph node involvement.

8. Assessment of capsular invasion of malignant subcapsular thyroid lesions.

9. Detecting extra-thyroidal extension of malignant thyroid lesion prior to surgery.

10. Localization of parathyroid adenoma and carcinoma.