3DTHYROID® vs 2D Ultrasound technology


These are few differences and advantages when using 3DTHYROID® versus 2D Ultrasound (US) technology:

1. The 3D US technology has coronal view in addition to transverse and longitudinal view. The 2D US technology does not have coronal view.

2. With 3D technology, the computer can analyze several different views from different planes and transform them into one single image. It will improve the accuracy of the needle placement during thyroid nodule biopsy, because the needle can be seen from different angles. This is probably the most important advantage of 3D technology when compared with 2D for thyroid nodule management. This may decrease the rate for false negative thyroid nodule biopsy and improve the accuracy of needle placement.

3. With 3D US technology, the viewing of the margins of thyroid lesions are more defined when compared with 2D ultrasound image. It may provide more information in viewing malignant lesions near the capsule due to ability to rotate the rendering of the thyroid lesion. This may improve the staging of malignant thyroid lesion preoperatively, when there is a capsular involvement of the malignant lesion.

4. The volume measurement with 3D technology may become a very important in measuring thyroid lesions. This may replace the current 2D measurement technique, longitudinal x transverse x width. The lesion measurement will be done with one single volume number or measurement. The accuracy of the current 2D measurement is limited particularly for the lesions with irregular margins or shape.

5. 3DTHYROID® and 4DTHYROID® may enable patients to see as much as the doctor sees.